суббота, 19 января 2013 г.

20 facts about me

1. My favorite number is 3
2. Favorite color is blue
3. I love my nose and lips
4. Do not have any photo shoot, where I did not get up in profile
5. On weekends watching soap operas and eat cheese
6. I love going to the movies, mostly on weekends
7. I love clothes
8. Favorite movie is "The Notebook"
9. Favorite song Gotye - Somebody That I Use To Know (Feat. Kimbra)
10. Favorite shoes Converse
11. I hate when my dog sniffing my butt

12. Favorite city Poland
13. Favorite store H & M
14. Favorite TV series The Vampire Diaries
14. Ideal man Ian Somerhalder
15. My favorite blogger Kenza Zouiten
16. Favorite drink champagne
17. Ideal woman Kenza Zouiten
18. Always leave the light on the street included
19. I love it when guys can see the veins in his arms
20. Would like noseRings for 2 years, but did not venture