воскресенье, 7 апреля 2013 г.


Oh, why the weekend pass so quickly? Finally - I slept! Today I was walking all day, in the afternoon we were at the grandmother, and in the evening went with my boyfriend to watch him stuff. In the end, I bought myself accessories, and he's just a shirt. haha. It's funny, we went shopping 2 hours, and found only a T-shirt. But I'm glad, because this day we spent together <3

пятница, 5 апреля 2013 г.

Good night ,baby

I just had a shower. I am very happy. I finally relaxed. Now make a few face masks and nail, Friday still. It is unfortunate that today there is no new series "The Vampire Diaries." It will be as much on April 19, but it will be great, I can feel it.
Soon I will not order things on the internet I found a site with a very Acceptable prices and very happy.
After all, it is necessary to procure good things before I go to Italy.


Hello readers. Today was a very hard day. I was in the study in the morning and came back just now. I was very tired and was in the rain. Now I Accept the bath, including scented candles and I will watch the new episode, "Carrie Diaries." Soon I'll post the new otufit. I hope I find the time and the person for a photo to put in a good quality.I love everyone. XXXX