четверг, 13 декабря 2012 г.

The holiday comes to us

Hello my beautiful friends! How are you doing? I'm just fine, because the first snow has gone! YEE!
New year is approaching, and I am very happy. After 3 weeks NEW YEAR! On transaction week I'm going to look for gifts for my family, because I still do not know exactly who will celebrate the new year, so you need to collect a lot of gifts.After three weeks, I'm going to Romania with my girls, have fun, to lather each other and just be happy that we are together.
Finally, this is the last week of school, and after the holidays! I finished the year with good grades, it remains to fix one thing and then everything will be perfect!
My boy's birthday soon, and I made him a nice little gift, which I'll tell you later. Hopefully we otpraznuem it well.
Well, that's what I hoela tell you.
Thanks to everyone who reads my blog, I'm madly in love all!
Now, new photos:

пятница, 7 декабря 2012 г.

New again!

Hi all! It's a beautiful weather finally snowing, full winter! No wind, warm air, the sun, but in the evening a little cold. But definitely warmer than it was (0). Today I went to the site of Forever 21 and immediately ran to the eyes of the parties, of such wonderful things, and low prices!
I ordered a few things and am very glad that finally will update your wardrobe!
Would like to ask those who read or even be looking at my blog from time to time, and what do you love winter or Summer?

воскресенье, 2 декабря 2012 г.

Zeby Polska byla polska

And so, Hello! And it turns out our country learned Polish President! Today, the Polish society and Poles will talk to him in person, because Now I'm going to meet with the president and his wife.
Just his wife visited our school, and I am very pleased
All a pleasant day, more photos will be tomorrow: *

пятница, 30 ноября 2012 г.

Winter plans

Hi! How are you doing? Would like to tell you that today such a difficult day. Maybe I'll go to Romania in early December. We'll go to the mountains with my favorite girls, which I love. I hope all the plans come true and all will be well!
I'm going to high school English, I'm very worried, (
I hope all is well!))

вторник, 27 ноября 2012 г.


Already cold, which made ​​me very happy! Soon the New Year! I will celebrate it with my parents from the beginning, and then with friends. My mom and I cook a lot of cookies, cakes and other delicious items. I already think I will wear, looking Batelle to look your best. Would like to have to decorate the Christmas tree, and already think you know what to give. Lots of ideas and a lot of work!
See you soon.
So far: *

суббота, 24 ноября 2012 г.

Oh Yeah!

Today I bought a new cosmetics from Faberlik. Which I will use in the future. The first thing I decided to order - it's hair gel against all cross-sections.
The second was a cream for hands and feet from the cold winter and bad weather.
The third was a lip buzzing.
And as a gift I received the magnet.
All cosmetics are crazy like me.
I advise to you!


 So my daily makeup. I use:

Ill Helena


Twilight. Saga. Eclipse: Part 2

Summer days are always the best! That's one of my days spent with a favorite girl, whom I love very much.
Today was on the movie Twilight. Saga. Eclipse: Part 2.
God, what a wonderful film. This is the best part. So many emotions while watching a movie I had not experienced before. I cried, cried a lot.
I advise everyone to see this movie, the best saga

среда, 14 ноября 2012 г.


 Aww, Poland, my favorite city. In which I visited many times and which will tell you today. Everybody happy person has a favorite city. A happy, because they have it there. Most often, the favorite city, town, the edge is the place where the person was born or spent a lot of time. Often referred to as the one beloved city, where people raced childhood, because it was with my childhood, if it is, of course, was not difficult, most people have very good memories. No matter how many years a person, he always remembers some moments of hischildhood, and with them, and the places where they took place, that is, in your favorite city. And this city is not necessarily to be the capital city or a millionaire. He may be quiet, deserted town, and at the same time is the most favorite city, because it involves a lot of pleasant experiences. Everyone has a love for the city is manifested in different ways. For example, the poets compose poems about his beloved city, composers write music, artists drawingpicture, thus glorifying the city and perpetuating the memory of it for many years.I grew up and was born in Poland, but went there almost every summer since 10 years. My dream is to live there. And my favorite city - is Krakow.

Party time

 The truth is, I love to party. I like to be the center of attention at parties. I - partygoers. I visited many places and Would like to visit. I love to have fun with friends, dancing.


 Hi everyone. I Would like to talk about that childhood - it's the best! Childhood - the most beautiful and carefree time. Only we realize it when it becomes more mature. Childhood - the foundation of our lives. Small, we react to the world differently than adults: we do not adapt, not hypocrisy, we openly express their opinions. "Mouths of babes Verbs truth" - so they say. Growing up, we start in a different way to evaluate the world around us, people. We become more pragmatic, not so naive, sometimes become indifferent and selfish. But what is built into us from childhood stays with us forever.