четверг, 13 декабря 2012 г.

The holiday comes to us

Hello my beautiful friends! How are you doing? I'm just fine, because the first snow has gone! YEE!
New year is approaching, and I am very happy. After 3 weeks NEW YEAR! On transaction week I'm going to look for gifts for my family, because I still do not know exactly who will celebrate the new year, so you need to collect a lot of gifts.After three weeks, I'm going to Romania with my girls, have fun, to lather each other and just be happy that we are together.
Finally, this is the last week of school, and after the holidays! I finished the year with good grades, it remains to fix one thing and then everything will be perfect!
My boy's birthday soon, and I made him a nice little gift, which I'll tell you later. Hopefully we otpraznuem it well.
Well, that's what I hoela tell you.
Thanks to everyone who reads my blog, I'm madly in love all!
Now, new photos:

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