четверг, 1 августа 2013 г.

My favorites \July\ 2013

My favorites for the month of July:
1.Zara jeans 80$
Me and my sister have the same jeans, all because they are just unreal! They are very comfortable and make my legs thinner. I think they are very stylish and dress almost every day.
2.Swarovski jewelry 85$
This necklace my sister gave me. I fell in love at first sight. She wore almost the whole month
3.Asos high top shoes 80$
These shoes I have not bought it, but still ahead. I needed shoes for fall and my mother and I chose these shoes. A week later, the parcel will come, welcome!
4.Michael Kors jewelry 10$
I ordered this watch with a Chinese website. On the original watch, unfortunately, I have no money. But I am satisfied with this watch, good work, do not turn black. Everything is perfect!
5.H&M bag 38$
I bought this bag in Italy and it is the best bag ever! The bag is very durable, I quietly carry a huge amount of books and not worry that stuck somewhere in disgrace.
6.Zara scarf 35$
scarf I gave vilify sister. it is very mild and pleasant. I wore it when I was a school, in May, cooler days
7.H&M ring 15$
I've been looking for these rings and when I found I was very pleased.
8.Converce All Star - 70 $
I was given these shoes and they are my size feet a little more. But that does not stop me from wearing them. I like them a lot.

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