вторник, 19 ноября 2013 г.


Hey guys! For the past 3 months I'm away from home, at school. And I like that. After all, this is a big change and a big step forward! Very soon, I'm going home, but that's another story, ha ha. A month later, I'm flying back home and it seems that nothing on earth can be better.
I fell in love with Poland and the seminary, in such a short time. I fell in love with roommates, and now can not imagine how boring would be without them)
I have already bought the plane tickets, but still plenty of time, but it does not matter, ha ha
I'm waiting for new products to go for gifts to friends and family. Already I want snow, Christmas spirit, Christmas trees and gifts, as much as possible, ha ha. I'm kidding, because the most important is with whom and how to spend the new year. Gifts - this is the last one!)

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