среда, 14 ноября 2012 г.


 Aww, Poland, my favorite city. In which I visited many times and which will tell you today. Everybody happy person has a favorite city. A happy, because they have it there. Most often, the favorite city, town, the edge is the place where the person was born or spent a lot of time. Often referred to as the one beloved city, where people raced childhood, because it was with my childhood, if it is, of course, was not difficult, most people have very good memories. No matter how many years a person, he always remembers some moments of hischildhood, and with them, and the places where they took place, that is, in your favorite city. And this city is not necessarily to be the capital city or a millionaire. He may be quiet, deserted town, and at the same time is the most favorite city, because it involves a lot of pleasant experiences. Everyone has a love for the city is manifested in different ways. For example, the poets compose poems about his beloved city, composers write music, artists drawingpicture, thus glorifying the city and perpetuating the memory of it for many years.I grew up and was born in Poland, but went there almost every summer since 10 years. My dream is to live there. And my favorite city - is Krakow.

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