вторник, 13 ноября 2012 г.

A day with dad

 Hello !Today i was all day with my father.Was funny and i like him.We worked little bit,but after we eat,climb and so on.I'm proud of my dad! He's smart and talented, tall and beautiful, very strong, sweet and well-mannered, attractive and clever, brave and determined. I'm like my father in that we had the same sitting and the same walk.
My dad is different from the others in that it is hard-working. Pope strongly hard. All he asked, always does. He loves to help everyone and is always ready for anything. Dad can do everything to build. Still likes to relax. When I grow up, I'll take care of Dad and help him on the farm in all.
I'm sorry guys ,but my enghlish really  suck.
Thank you for your attention. I love you all very much <33

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